Main results

ADAPTIWALL delivers a proof-of-concept of an integrated envelope product, with:

  1. An adaptive prefab panel with more energy savings at reduced cost with respect to current (retrofitting) solutions and suitable for retrofitting in different climate regions, building regulations and building practice throughout Europe. This adaptive prefab panel consists of integrated innovative adaptive material components including nano-additives such that the panel is thin, easy and quick to install, lightweight and multi-functional, with potential energy savings of more than a factor 5 and largely reducing (>75%) the need for auxiliary ventilation and heat recovery systems.
  2. An adaptive insulation panel component consisting of non-traditional polymer materials, such as 3D non-wovens and flexible foams, that are particularly suitable for adaptive insulation and have the potential to have high thermal resistance values in relation to thickness. Additionally, an innovative microcontroller device connected to a sensoring and monitoring system for ensuring an adaptive insulation regulation that fits indoor comfort needs.
  3. An innovative lightweight concrete panel component based on lightweight aggregate impregnated with phase change materials (PCMs) and new binder types including nano-additives in order to combine lightweight with high thermal buffering potential (comparable or better than normal concrete) as well as to ensure fire protection and sound insulation and to improve mechanical properties in relation to thickness (reduction of dead load by 40%).
  4. A ventilation system including a total heat exchanger component to integrate in the prefab panel, allowing heat recovery (>75%) and humidity control during ventilation. An optimized membrane for the heat exchanger consisting of nano-structured substrates for more efficient heat exchange and nano particles for avoiding microbial growth. Additional integrated moisture sensoring and control if needed to avoid condensation.