ADAPTIWALL breakthrough

ADAPTIWALL aims to tackle the challenge described in the background by developing a climate adaptive multi-functional lightweight prefab panel suitable for cost-efficient, rapid and energy efficient retrofitting of facades (this project) and eventually also suitable for roofing, inner walls or entirely new buildings. For the first time, climate adaptive building components will be combined into a lightweight prefab panel in order to:

  1. Reduce heating and cooling demands with 50% to over 80% compared to current highly insulating solutions.
  2. Drastically reduce (> 75%) and eventually eliminate auxiliary heat recovery and ventilation installations.
  3. Reduce envelope thickness by at least 30% and weight by 50% to save space and reduce dead load.
  4. Fulfill the load bearing, fire safety and sound insulation functions in one single product.

The above targets will reduce energy costs and eliminate expensive and time-consuming onsite installations, making ADAPTIWALL a cost-efficient and quick retrofitting solution for envelopes.