This section provides an overview of all partners as well as a link to their own websites.




The Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is a large contract research organisation which provides a link within the innovation chain between fundamental research as a source of knowledge and practical application as the use of knowledge that can be commercially exploited. TNO develops and implements innovative knowledge in 7 thematic areas, including the ‘Built Environment’ and ‘Energy’. TNO innovation is geared towards better and more energy efficient design of construction, management, renovation and maintenance processes, as well as the use of sustainable materials. TNO is the leading actor in the development of technologies and methods that will enable an energy-producing built environment aligned with ‘Europe 2020’ goals by smart use of sustainable energy sources. Because of the multifunctional nature of ADAPTIWALL, TNO activities in this project will be spread over three departments/expertise groups within TNO: ‘Building Engineering and Civil Engineering’ (Technical Sciences), ‘Mechatronics, Mechanics and Materials’ (Technical Sciences) and ‘Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences’. As such, more than one page of description is given.

Country: The Netherlands




CEA is involved in this project through its Technological Research Division. Part of this division, the CEA LITEN (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) is a CEA department located for the most part in Grenoble and Chambéry (on the INES site – French National Institute for Solar Energy). It is one of Europe's newest and most important research centers in the new energy technology field.

Inside INES, the LEB (Buildings Energy Laboratory) focuses on Energy Efficiency in Buildings through 3 main research areas:

  • Multi-purpose envelope components (including building integrated photovoltaic and thermal solar, blinds & shutters improvement, air tightness and ventilation).
  • Indoor environment quality (including thermal comfort, indoor air quality, acoustics and visual comfort).
  • A holistic approach including life-cycle analysis, optimization of active systems controls strategies, etc.

Also inside INES, the LETh (Thermal System Laboratory) focuses on thermal system for 4 different areas:

  1. Concentrating solar plant.
  2. Industrial Energy recovery system.
  3. Thermal storage.
  4. Energy system in building.

Since its creation in 2005, these 2 laboratories are heavily involved in national and European projects dealing with solar systems and energy efficiency in buildings. The experimental platform named INCAS, including 3 experimental full-size passive houses, 4 PASSYS-class test cells and 12 integrated PV test benches is currently operated by LEB research engineers. Masstherm is a LETh platform of hydro and aerodynamics semi-virtual test, dedicated to performance, measurement and analysis of thermal systems to explore the performance of components and systems.

Country: France



Acciona Infrastructuras

ACCIONA Infrastructuras is a leading European construction company constructing and managing buildings and civil infrastructures under the sustainability principles. It has an international presence in more than 30 countries and its total turnover in 2011 was about 3,5billion€, employing 14.000 people. It is part of ACCIONA Group, whose business lines are Construction, Energy, Water, Real State, Urban-Environmental Services, Logistic and transport. ACCIONA’s business strategy is tightly linked to sustainability and in recognition of the company’s efforts and commitments in that direction, received in 2009 the Award for Corporate Sustainability of the EU Business Award. ACCIONA uses cutting-edge technology to develop and apply the most advanced materials, including nanomaterials (nanopcms, nano-insulation, carbon nano-tubes), systems and solutions for sustainability and in particular for energy efficient buildings, while preserving a high indoor environment quality. Development, construction and renovation of sustainable buildings & districts are within the core strategy of ACCIONA. Its activities range from conception, design & construction to operation, maintenance, refurbishment and recycling. In the last 5 years it has built more than 400 non-residential buildings and 10,000 dwellings, of which 4,000 were built under the Energy Efficiency and comfortability basis.

Country: Spain




FASADA is a SME construction company with a 20-years’ experience and history. The company is active in façade works, insulation works, renovation and restoration of the buildings and assembly of different elevation systems. FASADA provides services both for the legal entities and individual investors. The company scope of work contains both: acting as the general contractor and competent consultancy regarding the best insulation. The strategy of the company is to implement new techniques and solutions to all types of buildings in order to improve their energy efficiency.

Country: Poland




Since 1997, ISODAL BVBA (limited liability) is an SME specializing in precast concrete elements mainly for residential construction. Originated from a construction company and maintaining close links, ISODAL has extensive experience with building practice, not only from the manufacturing side, but also from the construction side. We operate a local scale, manufacturing 600m² concrete slabs per day, serving 3 to 4 housing projects per day. Our main products are concrete slabs for floors and concrete beams, but we also manufacture façades, cornices and balconies on a regular basis.

We employ 10 workmen, including an industrial engineer and architectural draftsman. We operate our own concrete production facility (new since 2011). ISODAL is unique in its innovative, energy efficient product optimization by eliminating the use of fresh water (recycling concrete waste water) and eliminating steel waste using a steel straightner.

Country: Belgium


SIOEN Industries

SIOEN Industries NV is a diversified stock quoted group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. Horizontal and vertical integration, diversification and permanent growth have driven us since 1960.

SIOEN Industries NV is:

  • World leader in coated technical textiles.
  • Strong specialist in high end technical apparel (protective clothing).
  • Specialist in fine chemicals.
  • Global player in the processing of technical textiles (confectioning)

SIOEN Industries NV is a multinational with consumers, employees, business partners and shareholders on every continent. SIOEN has 3 divisions: Coating, Apparel and Chemicals. Every day, around the world, millions of people choose our products to protect themselves and their goods. Our mission “Protecting through innovation” is not a hollow slogan. By developing and producing innovative products that meet people’s and companies’ everyday needs, we have become one of the leading global companies in technical textiles.

Our technical textiles are used for truck side curtains, tilts and tarpaulins, pool covers, tents and textile architectures, silo‘s, flexible containers (flexitanks), publicity banners, filters, geogrids, road and roofing reinforcement, mining ducts, ventilation tubes, mattress and pillow covers, protective clothing, and many more.

Country: Belgium


Adviesburo Snijders

Adviesburo Snijders is an independent firm of engineers who design structures for housing, apartment buildings, office buildings, parking buildings, stores, hospitals, schools and so on. The firm is active since 1978 and designs structures for buildings mainly in (precast) concrete, steel, wood and masonry. Several engineers are specialized in the engineering in precast concrete and work with a great variety of precast concrete manufactures and contractors in the Netherlands.

The firm is active throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Britain.

Country: The Netherlands



Prochimir is a French company specialized in the developing and producing technical films for more than 20 years. Those films are Thermo-bonding mono and multilayer films, barrier films or breathable membranes. Based on the blend of specific modified polymers such as TPO, TPU, CoPA and CoPES the technical films from Prochimir are used worldwide for various industries such as Automotive, Building and Construction, Technical textiles and Healthcare.

We have the widest range of co-extruded material and our know-how in the development of technical films for specific applications is worldwide recognized.

Country: France