ADAPTIWALL and project REESEEPE, FASIDUR, ECO-BINDER, GELCLAD, QUANTUM, HOMESKIN, InDeWag and WALL-ACE participated at BAU 2017 organised on January 16-21th, 2017,  the German Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems. Under the umbrella of European Construction Technology Platform, clustered projects presented various solutions and technology for energy efficient retrofits that are developed under research projects funded by European Commission.

The visitors of the booth had the opportunity to be informed about the working concept of ADAPTIWALL prefab system, received the publicity material about the project, saw the promotional video and small prototypes of selected components. Together with cluster projects ADAPTIWALL co-organised the workshop “From research to market, Innovative technologies and ICT solutions for energy efficiency” that was held on 19th of January, 2017.

Participation in BAU 2017 increased the visibility of the project to target audience and was a great opportunity for project partners to discuss with other exhibitors about potential collaboration and market uptake of ADAPTIWALL system.

 BAU 2017_3


BAU 2017_2