The International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies (ICBEST) is a worldwide forum for building envelope engineering and has been successfully held in Aachen, Germany from June 9 – June 12. TNO was present at ICBEST2014 – Building for a changing world - to discuss with other professionals and researchers in the field and to present a paper on the research within ADAPTIWALL titled: “Design challenges for a climate adaptive multi-functional lightweight prefab panel for energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings based on one-room model simulations”. The presentation of the paper was well-received and the ADAPTIWALL concept has proven to inspire interesting discussions among professionals. Useful exchanges have been made at the conference between TNO and other researchers working on adaptive facades. As the development of ADAPTIWALL progresses these exchanges should frequently be made to inform other researchers and companies about the progress of ADAPTIWALL and to improve our own ideas on ADAPTIWALL by discussion and feedback on the research.