ADAPTIWALL was presented at The 6th Conference of the European Construction Technology Platform in June 2014.

The objective of this conference, which celebrated the 10th anniversary of ECTP and the 25th anniversaries of both ENCORD and ENBRI, was to identify the main challenges and to shape the future horizons of the built environment in the coming 25 years. The event allowed getting high level visions from experts on the various facets and merged conceptual discussions with more technical debates. It assessed the role of the built environment and the construction sector in the current Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, as well as in the more long term horizons of several EU policies. It also allowed stakeholders from industry, research and society to meet, to exchange ideas and to get prepared to current opportunities offered by Horizon 2020.


For more information please visit the ECTP website: www.ectp.org